Thoughts From Dado

DADO croppedCasting The Room was a very difficult process. I really fell quite out of love with the play. During the process our nation watched the violent execution of several of its citizens at the hands of the police. Some days, we would have auditions, and no one would come! I desperately wanted to stop working on the play. A Red Orchid’s Artistic Director, Kirsten Fitzgerald, encouraged me to continue with the process by saying that she thought it was extremely important that we do it. I could not for the life of me figure out what in the hell she was talking about.

The Room Reh-Birdseye view 2Cut to a few months later. My students are telling me that they no longer think the word ‘diversity’ needs to exist. “This word pisses us off. Why is it a word?” These are very intelligent, well rounded people, my students. I believe them. I think that they are correct. The word actually is in the way of what humans are integratively doing, whether you have an opinion about it or not is really not that important. The word diversity doesn’t matter. And this is what is fascinating about the play you will watch tonight. The lesser qualities of humans here are depicted as a condition of humans and not with an agenda or with an opinion. They simply are. We can label it, we can categorize this, but I do not believe Harold Pinter had any interest in that. There is a liminal place where this play goes and we are allowed to consider this premise as an ontological crisis. That is, I believe in this particular writer’s mind, far more interesting in psychic action than giving it a name tag.

He wrote the play in four nights. It is his first play. He never wrote another play with stage violence. And he never wrote another play in which he designated the race of a person. He was not known as Harold Pinter. He had a completely different identity when he wrote this play, he was David Baron, the actor. The cast you saw before you tonight brought me back to love the play enough to stage it. Thank you for coming to see The Room.



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